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tv   Nightline  ABC  August 5, 2015 12:37am-1:08am PDT

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this is "nightline." tonight renters from hell. this newly released video showing an air b and b guest allegedly stealing $35,000 worth of stuff. others finding their places totally trashed. but whether you're a host or a guest this summer there are things you can do to protect yourself. they're going on a lavish trip to miami complete with walks on the beach, but he's paying for everything. but these aren't a couple. they've never met before pairing up on an online arrangement. would you vacation with a stranger? and a new sound for one direction. a musical inspiration you might not expect from the uber popular boy band. tonight they're revealing a
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good evening.
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thanks for joining us. we begin tonight with some horrifying rental disasters. if you're thinking of having a mini vaca in someone else's home or letting a stranger stay in your this is summer, listen up. here's gio benitez. >> reporter: you're watching a home burglary in action police say, but this is no break in. this woman actually rented out this home from its owner on airbnb. the guest turned alleged burglar caught on surveillance camera stealing over $35,000 in valuables, according to authorities, after being told to stay out of the locked closet and office. >> she basically the doorknob and door itself. >> reporter: theft is just one nightmare for homeowners. >> this is awful. >> reporter: mark and starr king parents to two young sons headed over the keys to their
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calgary home to rerntss who were supposedly in town for a wedding. >> anything imaginable that would violate a home has happened here. >> reporter: according to neighbors, the guests started their own party. >> within three or four hours that we exchanged keys, a party bus was here. >> reporter: a party that lasted several days and left their once-immaculate home unrecognizable. >> we don't want to touch anything. broken glass everywhere. there's barbecue sauce on the ceiling. >> reporter: the total amount of damage roughly $50,000 worth. according to the kings. air airbnb covers up to $1 million in property damage and they say that situations like this are incredly rare but we have zero tolerance for this kind of behavior. but sometimes those nightmares can play out while you're still at home. >> worst thing i've ever spearsed. >> reporter: she rented out her
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master bedroom but agreed to switch to cash-only payments. and that's when trouble started. >> i asked, it's time for you to go. >> reporter: but her renters refused to leave. and that's when she installed these security cameras. her unwelcome guests helped themselves to anything in her refrigerator and cabinets. this man is seen wandering through the house at night. >> in a lot of states if you stay in a place for at least 30 days, it's deemed to be a rental. to get someone out who doesn't want to leave, you effectively have to evict them. >> reporter: ultimately the owner paid them more than $1700 to gts them to leave her house rather than engage in a potentially lengthy evision process. >> these laws are generally intended to prevent people for losing their homes, from getting
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kicked out on a day's notice. they're not supposed to be for people who want to stay longer for an airbnb rental. most of the time the system works, but it takes just a few people exploiting the system stealing, damaging staying, fighting, to make everyone worry about renting out their home. >> reporter: despite these horror stories, airbnb is growing in popularity. there are 1.5 million listings nationwide. and 40 million guests have booked a place. >> not only renting my places but other enabling other people to get into the industry and start to make some extra income. >> reporter: scott shatford is an airbnb host. >> one thing is really selling yourself. >> reporter: he's made a six-figure salary renting multiple properties in the santa monica area to over 1,000
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people even writing an e-book on the subject. >> and they want to like you just as much as they want to like the place that they're staying at. >> reporter: he says airbnb can be safe and ruk rative. beware of last-minute bookings. >> i tend to scrutinize more, people that are staying at my property that live in my same city. because i, i know they're not going on vacation. i don't really know what the purpose of their travel is. >> reporter: also set up your airbnb account so that only experienced, verified renters can book your place. >> this is really really important. because if somebody trashes your house or steals your stuff, you know exactly who you're going to be chasing down. >> reporter: and finally, doing some social stalking. >> if you know the picture on facebook of your guests is, you know somebody doing a keg stand, you probably don't want
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them coming to your spring break rental, right? >> reporter: when it comes to home renters renters should beware too. >> this house is amazing. how could that be? and i thought maybe we were lucky. >> reporter: aseemingly perfect vacation home for cherry mchalfry's extended family 14 members, her husband and daughter were the first to arrive. >> kind of like a bali style. >> reporter: followed shortly by the actual homeowner. >> i took a peek through the slats of this window here and recognized there were total strangers in my house. >> all of a sudden we saw a man come in. >> the little girl sort of screamed. >> i was kind of surprised. i didn't know who it was. >> i informed them that i was the owner of the house. >> he basically said sorry to tell you this but you guys have
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been scammed. >> reporter: turns out. the mchalfries fell for a fake listing. less than one in 10,000 listings are fake. all sides of this growing rental business ripe for ex-employ tarks but at least one alleged thief is no longer a threat. >> she was quickly and easily recognizable by one of our investigators who put it together and once we were able to see her photo and match it with the video surveillance you could tell that it was her. >> reporter: the suspected sticky-fingered san francisco renter in police custody tonight. for "nightline," i'm geoba knee tez in new york. up next, the site pairing up women looking for men. plus we're with one
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okay now picture the perfect vacation. now picture going on it with a spraininger who's paying for everything. a travel website is pairing up people who call themselves attractive with people who call themselves generous forget aways that claim to benefit both. matt gutman is once again crashing a romantic trip. >> reporter: for this year's vacation, tess and ross won't be joining her friends on the beach. >> may i never remember any of it. >> reporter: she's going on an all-expenses-paid vacation with a total stranger. >> we're both traveling to miami, and we're going to meet up for the first time. he's paying for this entire thing! >> highmy name is dave. i'm 26. i live in santa monica
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california. i'm looking for someone to go on vacation with and have a good time. >> reporter: they are seeking for help from this online dating site that pairs attractive women with generous males who foot the bill for trips all over the world. >> i'm 21. i'm a junior at tulane university. >> reporter: kes has no intention of telling her parents that she's about to spend the weekend in miami with a guy she's never met. >> my dad might have an issue with it because i'm his only girl. and he loves me and he like wants to make sure i'm safe. >> reporter: she feels pretty comfortable since she's been chatting with dave for a couple weeks now. when kes arrives it's well past 1:00 in the morning. she's having last-minute doubts. >> if he doesn't look like he's supposed to i'm literally sprinting for the hills. >> reporter: kes is pleasantly
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surprised. >> you took forever. >> i blame the flight mainly. >> reporter: it's late till they head for their separate rooms for the night. the next day kes sleeps in past noon and dave is waiting for hours. >> now, like a whole day a few hours. >> nice. >> reporter: she meets him for lunch, and the two start hitting it off. >> that's awesome. >> yeah you have to make friends with people who make the drinks. >> reporter: dave has paid for this romantic get away so their arrangement poses an obvious question. that's a pretty significant outlay of cash. >> it depends on your income. >> reporter: there's no of expectation? >> it's nothing like a sugar baby/sugar daddy kind of thing. >> reporter: you really think there are no expectations. >> i mean i have laid down my laws and morals. >> reporter: that night at the bar. conversation isn't flowing as
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freely as the drinks. kes seems more interested in other men. they hop for the cab, heading for a club. kes doesn't seem to be digging the date. >> i live in santa monica. >> reporter: you have to wonder if this date is living up to dave's expectations. >> a lot of people think wow, they're taking advantage of young women. when in reality, the opposite could be true. >> reporter: browsing through over the 6,000 profiles, we found people hoping to find a match but also millionaires looking for no-strings-attached fun and women seeking support. some people say it's akin to an escort service >> sometimes the guy will pick up the tab and sex might evolve. and do we equate the dinner that he pays as the monetary exchange for sex?
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>> reporter: even if dave secretly hopes for a hookup his prospects aren't looking good. kes is sick. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: kes gets a steroid shot in hopes of salvaging the weekend. later that afternoon she's back on her feet. things start heating up. >> i asked if she was better and she's like, we're good. >> reporter: and the chemistry carries on pool side. >> pretty nice, though. >> i looked at it the other day, it would be sweet to come up here. >> i meant like you, because you're gorgeous. >> reporter: with the back rubbing and kisses who's complaining? so i'd never ask you to kiss and tell but did you guys kiss? and if so tell. >> it may have happened when we were out. >> i mean yeah. >> reporter: as the sun sets on
12:57 am
their last night in miami they talk about the future. >> maybe next time we should go to somewhere more chill. >> reporter: request early flights the next morning they hug good-bye. they tell us there was a more intimate sendoff, off camera. >> all right. see yeah. >> bye. next one direction tells us how the story of their life is changing after losing one member and gaining an honorary new one when louie becomes a dad. ♪ the story of my life ♪ i'm gonna crack like nobody's watching and eat like i skipped lunch. why? because red lobster's crabfest is back. and i'm diving into so much crab, so many ways. like crab lover's dream with luscious snow and king crab legs and rich crab alfredo or this snow crab bake.
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you know, so much has changed since the fresh-faced boy banders of one direction hit it big just a few short years ago, but one thing hasn't changed. they're still some of the most popular men on earth, as aemy row balk just found out at their live concert on gma. >> reporter: they're at it again, one direction, melting the hearts of millions of fans and setting the internet ablaze with the unexpected new release of their new hit single "drag me
1:03 am
down." the way you introduced this single, you surprised your fans. how long had that been in the works? >> we'd never done that before. we wanted to drop it and see ha what happened. it's fun. it's almost aggressive. it's kind of a little dirty. >> reporter: "drag me down", now joins other massive hits like "story of my life", and "steal my girl." last night thousands of those die-hard fans camped outside new york city's central park all to stand feet away from harry and his band mates. their new single "drag me down", how is it different? >> we've slowly introduced our fans to different music over the
1:04 am
years, and i feel like this is the place where we want to be now with our music and stuff. it's quite an eclectic sort of sound. >> reporter: the new sound was a record breaker according to spotify, "drag me down", was streamed more than 4.75 million times on the day of its release. the song is part of a new album expected later this fall. >> there's different tracks on there, one that reminds me of toy story. but it's like a modern version of the "you've got a friend in me", song which i love. >> reporter: it will be the first album since zayn malik left over four months ago. his departure left many of one-d fans wondering if they would stay together or split up. >> i think when any team loses a member the team bond a little stronger. we've got and little stronger, as long as he's happy doing what he's doing, we're happy too.
1:05 am
>> reporter: and louie will soon be a dad. >> i want to congratulate you on your upcoming fatherhood. >> thank you. it's obviously a very exciting time. >> reporter: the band credits all their success to their fans who are dying to know just one thing. we polled the crowd here and asked them for a couple questions to ask you. one that stood out to me was, what qualities do you look for in a woman? >> you're a single man. >> i like i like someone that's cute. i like someone sweet, but like doesn't know that they're hot, you know? >> i like someone quite chill, with pretty eyes. >> i suppose you want someone who doesn't take themselves too seriously. >> reporter: for "nightline," i'm amy robach in new york. >> so what's your favorite one direction song and why? head to our "nightline" facebook page and let us know.
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thanks for watching abc news. tune in to good morning america tomorrow. and as always we're online at abc goodnight, america. ♪ we invented low fares. then everyone else pretty much tried to follow. we call it the southwest effect, but other airlines probably use more colorful language. low fares. we don't just have them. we invented them. and here we go again! book for as low as 73 dollars one-way now at ♪
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